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视频来了!NBA退役球星 韦斯特 采访被疯转,网友直呼他太懂我国

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视频来了!NBA退役球星 韦斯特 采访被疯转,网友直呼他太懂我国(图1)


学习英语,领会翻译,交流国际!视频来了!NBA退役球星 韦斯特 采访被疯转,网友直呼他太懂我国(图2)

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What West said in the video could have been a "wake-up call" to those who hold extremist views in America, while access to the interview posted on Youtube and Twitter has been "restricted", registering only 28,000 views up to Aug 19.

"China has been designed around a way to respond to Americans. They've built their society in a way to defend itself against constant imposition of Western imperialism," West stressed, "In the midst of all that they have still been able to eke out some of the greatest advancements in human history."

视频来了!NBA退役球星 韦斯特 采访被疯转,网友直呼他太懂我国(图5)

Accusing some lawmakers of using NBA players as pawns in a propaganda campaign targeting China, David reached out to some NBA players to caution them that those urging them to support Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets general manager who showed support for Hong Kong anti-government protesters on Twitter last year, might have motives other than the professed liberation of the protesters.

"I got on the phone with a bunch of NBA guys, and I was like 'Don't let them pull you into this, because it's the Iraq war, weapons of mass destruction-type propaganda again," West told Danny Haiphong of Black Agenda Report.

He pointed out that the old strategy of 20th century anti-Communism will not be effective in this historical moment. "We've tried to use these Red-Scare tactics, and we've tried to use the propaganda to keep nations at bay, but it's not going to work against a country like China. We've just got to accept that we are in a different time in global history — not just American history."

视频来了!NBA退役球星 韦斯特 采访被疯转,网友直呼他太懂我国(图6)

At the end of the video, West called on American authorities to learn from China's way on how to best structure society. "They made a serious attempt to figure out the best way in which they can get and make their citizens as productive as they possibly can be. That's why they can build eleven makeshift hospitals in 10 days at the b